Services Offered
All services are rain or shine!
Day Hike 25.00 - A half day hike in one of many area parks, including; Boyce, Deer Lakes and Harrison Hills.  Small group size for lots of individual attention.

Neighborhood walk  15.00 
- A 30 minute walk, individual or with up to three other dogs. The individual dogs set the pace, either a casual stroll or brisk walk *
Play Group  16.00 - A 30 minute all out play session. A group of friendly dogs of similar size and play style get together at one of the local parks to run, play, wrestle and sniff all they want.*
Jog-A-Dog  16.00 A brisk run, either private or with up to three other dogs. A great option for high energy dogs *
Puppy Program - Can be tailored to the individual puppies needs. Typically includes two shorter visits, to let your puppy relieve himself, stretch his legs, play and do some light training.  Puppies in our puppy program will transfer to a play group at the right age for them.

Training - Need some help working on the basics, want to teach your dog some new tricks, think your dog may be a natural in agility, but don't know where to start? We can help.

* Multiple dog discounts available

Other services - nail trimming, transportation to and from area groomers, vets and kennels & food pickup (for current clients only).

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